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Case studies below outline scenarios in which ReFlow was able to deliver significant benefits to mutual fund clients.

Example of an equity fund using Redemption Service with the "In-Kind" feature

Here is an example of another Equity fund, which was looking to become more tax-efficient, and used Redemption Service and the “In-Kind” feature to help move capital gains out of the portfolio.

Click to view ReFlow’s Redemption Service In-Kind Case study

NAVswap : ReFlow pays mutual funds a return on their cash that matches the return of their Net Asset Value (NAV)

This is a graph that illustrates how a mutual fund in a somewhat illiquid asset class, Convertible Bonds, has the ability to keep enough cash on hand for redemptions, yet isn’t subject to ‘cash drag’ and is able to capture the portfolio manager’s alpha.

Click to view NAVswap Liquidity with Performance PDF

ReFlow has provided U.S. mutual funds with greater than $800 million in notional exposure through NAVswap, more than $3.1 billion in just-in-time liquidity through Redemption Service, and $1.8 billion transferred through Redemption In-Kind.

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Thanks for your interest in ReFlow Fund, which provides mutual funds with short-term liquidity and tax solutions. Founded by Mr. Gordon Getty in 2002, ReFlow Fund is designed to track the S&P 500 Index leveraging its patented operational structure, and outperform this Index with the fee income it generates from ReFlow Fund's liquidity and tax services. The investment manager of ReFlow Fund, ReFlow Services, LLC, manages all day-to-day operations.

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