ReFlow works

with mutual funds to implement proactive liquidity solutions to reduce friction and performance issues due to disruptive shareholder flow.

Our Mission

To help mutual funds overcome a perennial problem: funding redemptions without borrowing from a bank or selling securities . By using ReFlow, funds can measurably improve performance and reduce the effects of flow-based turnover.

With ReFlow You Can:

  • Carry out investment strategies unhindered by daily liquidity requirements
  • Minimize flow-induced trading and associated transaction and opportunity costs
  • Reduce cash drag with basis-risk free cash equitization
  • Minimize capital gains distributions to shareholders

Our solutions offer continuous, everyday access to liquidity that funds can draw upon to meet redemptions and manage cash positions.


In 1997 Gordon Getty identified the ReFlow solution to a persistent problem: How to efficiently provide for shareholder redemption liquidity without undue burden to long-term shareholders. After a number of years exploring the concept with industry insiders and academics, ReFlow applied for and received an SEC no-action letter from the Division of Investment Management in 2002, enabling ReFlow to provide short-term liquidity to funds registered under the Investment Act of 1940 (“’40 Act”) through its Redemption Service. On February, 7 2012, ReFlow Services, LLC received Patent Number US 8,112,331 B2 for its System and Method for Providing Liquidity.

ReFlow provides ’40 Act funds with tools to improve performance by managing the frictional impacts of shareholder flow. Our solutions offer continuous, everyday access to liquidity that funds can draw upon to meet redemptions and manage cash positions.

Since inception, ReFlow has provided over $8 billion of capital to participating mutual funds. ReFlow currently has 25 approved mutual fund complexes that manage over $592 billion in assets.

The ReFlow Team


William G. White

Mr. White is the President and Chief Executive Officer of ReFlow Services LLC and responsible for all aspects of the ReFlow product offering. Mr. White joined Reflow and Forward Funds in 2002 as Vice President, Operations and has held various positions within ReFlow Management. He has also been part of Cabezon Investment Group, where he traded Equity Index and FX derivatives. From 1998 to 2002, Mr. White was Vice President, Trading for Morgan Stanley Online. He headed Equity, Options, and Fixed Income trading for their San Francisco office and performed as an expert witness in all trading related arbitrations. Mr. White began his financial services career in 1996 as a registered rep specializing in corporate services for Roth Capital Partners, a regional investment bank based in Irvine, CA.


Kenneth Chan, ESQ., CRCP

Mr. Chan is the Chief Financial and Compliance Officer of ReFlow Services LLC and Cabezon Investment Group LLC. Previously, he was a Director of Product Management and a Director of Tax and Trust Products for Finaplex. Mr. Chan was a software developer for (Reuters) and a tax analyst for McKesson Corporation. He was of counsel at the Law Offices of Wu & Lue and a legal analyst with CCH Incorporated (Wolters Kluwer). He has held the Assistant Director of Tax, Senior Tax Account and Tax Accountant positions with CCH Computax and the Group Manager and Tax Technician positions at the Internal Revenue Service. He served as Vice President of software and Analyst at NEXA Corporation (Atari). Mr. Chan holds a BA in Economics and Social Welfare from the University of California, Berkeley, an MBA from the University of San Francisco, a JD from Golden Gate University, an MS in Tax from Golden Gate University, and a Certified Regulatory and Compliance Professional designation from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc..


Evan Smith

Dr. Smith heads business development efforts at ReFlow. He was previously a Principal Analyst at SoFi and Director of Research at Cabezon Investment Group. He holds both an MA and PhD in International Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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Thanks for your interest in ReFlow Fund, which provides mutual funds with short-term liquidity and tax solutions. Founded by Mr. Gordon Getty in 2002, ReFlow Fund is designed to track the S&P 500 Index leveraging its patented operational structure, and outperform this Index with the fee income it generates from ReFlow Fund's liquidity and tax services. The investment manager of ReFlow Fund, ReFlow Services, LLC, manages all day-to-day operations.

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